The Center for Commercialization of Technologies

The purpose:

  • To create a tool for the commercialization of scientific research and development of the university.


  • Transformation of scientific research results into practically applicable technologies and innovations.
  • Support for the creation and development of startups in the medical field.
  • Search for potential commercial partners for cooperation with the university on the commercialization of scientific developments.
  • Providing training programs and consultations for scientists and students on the commercialization of scientific research.
  • Analysis of information about scientific developments of the university, identification of inventions and technologies that have commercial potential as business ideas;
  • Providing consulting services in the field of technology commercialization (technological audit, patent support, marketing support, business planning, marketing services, technical consulting, analytical services; work with third-party experts in all areas of commercialization, start-ups, etc.);
  • Management of intellectual property and other results of the University’s innovative activities;

The composition of the center of commercialization technology:

Specialist – Aidaralieva Aizhan Beimbetovna
Email: [email protected]

Specialist – Dilmanov Zhumabay Esmagayevich
Email: [email protected]