Security and Internal Control Department
Risk management and internal control

Brief information about the department: The Security Department is a structural unit of Risk Management and internal control of the University;
The Security Department is directly subordinate to the Executive Director of the University.

The tasks of the department are:
ensuring the safety of facilities, the safety of property, the protection of information and resources.

The location of the department:
Tolebi St. No. 94, Building – Rector’s Office No. 1, 1st floor, office No. 103

Head of the Department:

Nurkasymov Dias Yerkinovich

Contact: 8(727)338-70-90 (ext.70-88)

Information about the personnel of the department:

Chief Specialist – Pernekhan Ergalym Muratuly
Contact: 8(727)338-70-90 (ext.70-88)
Email: [email protected]

Specialist – Arman Yerlanovich Kabdollaev
Contact: 8(727)338-70-90 (ext.70-88)
Email: [email protected]