Department of educational process organization

The Department of Organization of the Educational Process is a structural unit of the University and is directly subordinate to the Head of the Department of Academic Affairs of the University.
The main goals of the department for organizing the educational process are: planning, administration, coordination and monitoring of the educational process.

Main tasks of the department:

  • Develops and coordinates academic calendars of all EP and levels of education, prepares information for approval by the Academic Council and the Scientific Council;
  • Calculates and controls the volume of academic work of teaching staff, incl. when making changes;
  • Draws up a schedule of classes for all EP and levels of education and coordinates with the departments;
  • Provide information (class schedules, academic calendars) to structural units, teaching staff, students through corporate mail and/or through posting on the University website, and their timely updating and adjustment;
  • Coordinates IS modules “Summer”;
  • Coordinates the calculation of hours in the “Staffing” IS
  • Verifies certificates of work performed for hourly wages;
  • Control over the effective use of the University’s classroom fund;
  • Providing classrooms for various events at the request of departments, schools/faculties, departments and students;
  • Checking the implementation of the teaching load of teaching staff of the departments;
  • Controls the educational process in accordance with the training schedule.

Head of the Department of Organization of the Educational Process

Tumanbayeva Anar Erikovna

Administration; office №247

Contact: 8(727) 338-70-90 (ext. 75-06)

Composition of the educational process organization department

Chief specialist – Nazym Ansabekovna Omiralieva
Contact:ext. 75-09
E-mail: [email protected]
Administration; office №247

Specialist – Aitbay Botakoz Nurlankyzy
Contact: +7 727 338 70 36 (ext.70-93)
E-mail: [email protected]
Administration; office №247

Specialist – Altai Zhanel Maralkenkyzy
Contact: +7 727 338 70 36 (ext.75-08)
Email: [email protected]
Administration; office №247