Local bioethics committee

The Local Bioethics Committee (LBC) is an independent collegiate advisory body of the University empowered to issue opinions on conducting biomedical research. The LBC is based on voluntary membership and collaborative efforts of specialists, scientists, and physicians specializing in the fields of medical-biological, preclinical, and clinical research (trials) of biologically active substances, pharmaceuticals, technologies, materials, and medical devices.
The primary goal of the LBC is to protect the rights and dignity of individuals involved in scientific research as subjects or volunteers, safeguard animals from inhumane treatment in scientific research, examine ethical aspects declared in scientific research projects (SRPs), and ensure the safety of research participants.
For conducting an ethical examination of scientific research, a targeted contribution is provided according to the approved price list to the bank account of the PF «KAZNMU ENDOWMENT».
You can submit an application for ethical review of research by following the link: ojs.kaznmu.edu.kz

LСB members

  • Chairman — Alfiya Shamsutdinova, Head of the Department Of Science
  • Deputy Chairman — Ildar Fakhradiev, Head of the Scientific and Technological park
  • Secretary — Darina Menlayakova, specialist of the Department of Science


  • Aibek E. Dadambaev, chief lawyer of the University’s Department of Law;
  • Anel Sh. Ibraeva, Deputy Head of the Scientific and Technological Park;
  • Dina Zh. Maksutova, professor of the Department of General Medical Practice No.2;
  • Dinara Zh. Batyrbaeva, Head of the Scientific Laboratory «Center for Collective Use», SRIFAM named after B.A.Atchabarov;
  • Elmira Zh. Bitanova, Head of the Department of General Immunology;
  • Gulnara G. Bedelbaeva, Head of the Department of Therapeutic Disciplines;
  • Nurlan R. Rakhmetov, professor of the Department of Surgical Diseases No.1;
  • Altynay Zh. Sadykova, associate professor of the Department of Childhood Diseases named after Professor N.A. Barlybaeva;
  • Timur M. Saliev, Head of the SRIFAM named after B.A.Atchabarov;
  • Adilya M. Shakhieva, associate professor of the Department of Public Health;
  • Meruert T. Shalabekova, chief specialist of Center for Innovation and Education. National Hospital of the President’s Affairs Administration of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • Shynar B. Tanabaeva, Head of the Center for Medicine and Public Health, SRIFAM named after B.A.Atchabarov;
  • Sultan A. Amraev, assistant of the Department of Traumatology and Orthopedics;
  • Gulbaram O. Ustenova, Head of the Department of Pharmaceutical Technology.