Institute of Continuing and Vocational Education

Institute of Continuing and Vocational Education Providing high-quality services for the implementation of educational programs for continuing professional development, additional and non-formal education in the field of health care and related industries and ensuring additional income through the introduction of new forms and
approaches in activities.

The objectives of the Institute of Additional and Professional Educationare:

  • Providing organizational conditions for the implementation of the initiatives of the departments and courses of the University aimed at the development and implementation of programs of additional and non-formal education.
  • Participation withinits competence in the preparation and execution of management decisions of the university administration.
  • Ensuring thefulfillment of the state order for the training of specialists with higher, secondary medical and pharmaceutical education.
  • Improving andmaintaining at the proper level the professional and pedagogical knowledge and skills of the University’s teaching staff.
  • Educational andmethodological support and support of the educational process at the “Institute of Additional and Professional Education”
  • Training of certified trainers for the implementation of the Roadmaps, including orders of the Minister of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  • Monitoring ofthe market of educational services and active promotion of projects and programs of the Institute of Continuing and Vocational Education.
  • Developmentand implementation of innovative educational technologies and programs of continuing professional education and progressive forms of organization of the educational process.
  • Establishmentof international contacts with leading universities, international organizations, etc. for cooperation within the framework of the activities of the “Institute of Continuing and Professional Education”.
  • Creation of conditions to ensure profit from the paid services of the Institute of Additional and Vocational Education.
  • Promotionof the brand “Institute of Continuing and Professional Education”.
  • Compliance with the requirements of the quality management system, the University’s quality policy, and other internal regulatory documents of the University in the field of quality.
  • Compliance with the requirements of the anti-corruption management system, anti-corruption policy, internal regulatory documents and legislative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan, in terms of combating corruption.


Director of the Institute of Continuing and 

Vocational Education

Saltanat Mamyrbekova

Telephone: ext.(73-01)

Head of the Center for Innovative Practices Zhazira Utepbergenova
Telephone: ext.7301
Email: [email protected]

ManagerAinur Utaganova
Telephone: ext. 7052
Email: [email protected]

Manager – Fariza Yermanova
Telephone: ext.7051
Email: [email protected]

Manager – Bekbatyr Akmaral
Telephone: ext. 7255
Email: [email protected]

Manager – Saniya Ashirbek Мұхамедәлиқызы
Telephone: ext.7025
Email: [email protected]

Manager – Maral Dospergenova
Telephone: ext.7255
Email: [email protected]

Manager – Kara- Kuz Issayeva
Telephone: ext. 7025
Email: [email protected]