Digitalization department

Objectives, tasks, functions, main directions of the Department of Digitalization.

The main goal of the DD is to provide effective information and software support for the university’s processes, the sustainable functioning of the software and information technology environment using modern digital technologies to improve the quality of educational and other services provided by the university. The Department’s activities are focused on the development and support of advanced digital solutions that provide higher efficiency and transparency of processes by increasing employee productivity and reducing administrative costs.

The main tasks of the DD are:

  • Development and implementation of strategic programs for digitalization of the University.
  • Pursuing a unified policy in the field of using software, networks, telecommunications and communication facilities, modern digital and distance learning technologies, ensuring information security.
  • Creation of digital/electronic educational environment and its improvement, development of distance learning technologies.
  • Creation, operation, maintenance and development of information systems (automated information system «Sirius», distance learning portal, etc.) of the University, with access to the global network INTERNET and other corporate, regional and industry networks, including university-wide and local computer networks.
  • Development and improvement of digital technologies for the educational process and University management.
  • Providing workplaces of teaching staff, employees and students with modern computers connected to the unified management system of the University and electronic training complexes.
  • Methodological guidance and coordination of work at the University on the digitalization of the educational process and research, the introduction of industry and university standards in the field of digitalization, the unification of normative and reference information, the acquisition and use of software by cathedral, faculty and interfaculty computer laboratories.
  • Ensuring the high-quality implementation of the «Information and Telecommunications Services (ITS)» procedure described in the quality management system manual.

The structure of the Department of Digitalization includes:

Head of the Digitalization Department

Alchimbayev Arman Bulatovich

Contact: 8(727)-338-70-77 (ext. 7070)

Deputy Head of the Department of Digitalization

Kalenova Bakytgul Sovetovna

Academic building №2, office № 308

Contact: 8(727) 338-70-70 (ext.7777)

Deputy Head of the Department of Digitalization

Yerkebulan Aybekovich Zhansarov

Academic building №2, office № 312

Contact: 8(727) 338-79-44 (ext.7744)