Department of labor protection, civil protection and safety, fire safety

Department Overview:

The main objective of the Department is: coordination and control over compliance with regulatory legal acts and local regulations in the field of occupational health, safety, civil protection and fire safety. The tasks of the department are.

Purpose of the department:

Organization of work to ensure that employees of the University comply with safety and health requirements;
control over compliance of university employees with laws and other regulatory legal acts on labor safety and health, collective agreement, agreement on labor safety and health, other local regulatory legal acts of the University;
organization of preventive work to prevent industrial injuries, occupational diseases and diseases caused by production factors, as well as improvement work;
informing and advising University employees, including management, on occupational safety and health issues;
control over compliance by University employees with laws and other regulatory legal acts in the field of civil protection and fire safety;
Observance of requirements of a quality management system, the policy of the University in the field of quality, and other internal normative documents of the University in the field of quality.
Observance of requirements of a system of management of anti-corruption, policy of anti-corruption, internal normative documents and acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan, regarding anti-corruption.

Department location:

Tole bi 94, Administration 1 floor 123 office, вн 7111

Head of department

Izbasarova Madina Askarovna

Contact: 8 775 148 65 64 ext.7111

Information about the personnel of the department:

Sharipov Samurat Kulekenovich– Safety engineer

Contact: 8707 245 17 64, ext.7353

Kazna Backdaulet Erlanyly– Fire safety engineer

Contact: +7 727 338 7000, ext 7358

Kokenov Talgat Serikbekovich– Civil protection specialist

Contact: +7 727 338 7000

What should be an alarm suitcase:
You will need a roomy backpack, small suitcase or bag. It is desirable that the thing is durable
and waterproof – this will help protect the contents. In case of evacuation, you will have to carry
an alarm case in your hands, so it should be as compact as possible and not too heavy.
What to put inside:
1. documents. Make copies of the identity cards or birth certificates of all family members. You
may also need a driver’s license, marriage certificate and passport. It is advisable to laminate all
2. money. Put not only cash in your bag, but also a spare bank card.
3.Water. Each family member will need at least two liters of water. It is better to use plastic
bottles as a container.
4. Food. All food should be high in calories, sealed and have a long shelf life. Sweet bars and
canned food are great.
5. Personal hygiene products: a small piece of soap, toilet paper, wet wipes, antiseptic gel.
6. warm clothes and plaid. It is better to take products made of synthetic fabric – they are light
and do not take up much space.
7. matches. It is desirable that they are waterproof.
8. Radio receiver. It will come in handy to contact rescuers in the absence of cellular
9. Battery-powered flashlight It will be needed if the electricity is turned off.
10. whistle. Necessary to signal rescuers.
11. First aid kit.