Accounting and Reporting Department

About departament

The main goal of the Department is to ensure uninterrupted high-quality financial and economic activities of the University, to provide stakeholders with complete and reliable information about the financial situation and results of the University’s activities

The tasks and functions of the Department are:

  • organization of accounting and reporting of financial and economic activities of the University;
  • accounting and tax accounting, preparation and submission to authorized bodies and organizations of financial and statistical management reports of the University;
  • fulfillment by the University of tax and other obligations to the budget and extra-budgetary funds;
  • accounting and reporting on the University’s payroll in terms of the scope of the department’s activities;
  • accounting and reporting on University property management;
  • conducting contractual and legal work in terms of the scope of the unit’s activities.
  • compliance with the requirements of the anti-corruption management system, anti-corruption policy, internal regulatory documents and legislative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan regarding anti-corruption.
  • ensuring the relevance of internal regulatory documents regulating accounting and reporting in accordance with the amended NPA.

Department structure

The head of the department is the Chief Accountant:

Kubeeva Zhanar Umirbekovna

Contact: 8(727) 338 7090 ext.71-77

Deputy Chief Accountant:

Bakhieva Zaituna Zaidunovna

Contact:8(727)3387090 ext.71-76

Deputy Chief Accountant:

Agalakova Gulmira Andakulovna

Contact:8(727)3387090 ext.73-36