Department of Academic Affairs

The main goal of the department is:

Organization and management of educational and methodological activities of the University for the Implementation of educational programs of higher and postgraduate education in accordance with state requirements for the conditions and quality of the educational process at the university.

Main tasks of the department:

  • Planning, organization, monitoring and control of the educational process;
  • Coordination of methodological support for the educational process in accordance with the requirements of the State Educational Standards and Regulations on the organization of the educational process;
  • Organization and implementation of procedures for internal and external quality assurance of educational activities;
  • Keeping track of earned credits and maintaining the entire history of students’ educational achievements
  • Organization of all types of knowledge control, calculation of its academic rating;
  • Ensuring the relevance of internal regulatory documents regulating the educational process, including in accordance with the amended regulations;
  • Coordination and monitoring of organizational and functional structures of the Department of Academic Work;
  • Coordination and monitoring of academic mobility procedures
  • Compliance with the requirements of the quality management system, University policies and other internal regulatory documents of the University in the field of quality;
  • Compliance with the requirements of the anti-corruption management system, anti-corruption policy, internal regulations and legislative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan, in terms of anti-corruption;
  • International cooperation in its activities.

Structure of the Academic Work Department:

Head of the Department of Academic Work

Aigul Balabekovna Tashetova

Rectorate building, 2nd floor, room No. 220.

Telephone: ext. 7169

Deputy Head of the Department 

Kodekova Gulim Saparbekovna

Rectorate building, 2nd floor, room No. 245.

Telephone: ext. 7050

Deputy Head of the Department

Oradova Aksoltan Shykhdurdyevna

Rectorate building, 2nd floor, room No. 245.

Telephone: ext. 7050