Construction department

The main purpose of the construction department is to organize the construction, repair and reconstruction of buildings and structures of the University

The tasks of the construction department are

  • Ensuring timely commissioning of new University facilities;
  • Saving the University’s funds through the effective use of capital investments, reducing the volume of unfinished construction;
  • Improvement of planning, improvement of the quality of construction, capital and current repairs;
  • Ensuring the effectiveness of design solutions based on the widespread use of advanced technologies, equipment, materials and structures, compliance with modern requirements for the quality of work.
  • Compliance with the requirements of the quality management system, the University’s quality policy, and other internal regulatory documents of the University in the field of quality.
  • Compliance with the requirements of the anti-corruption management system, anti-corruption policy, internal regulatory documents and legislative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan regarding anti-corruption.

Head of the Construction Department

Zhantayev Alibek Bakhitbekuly

Contact: (ext. 73-21)

Construction department employees

Specialist of the construction department – Dzhalgasbayev Polat Komekbayevich

Plumbing engineer of the construction department – Zhaungerov Bakhyt Kairatovich
Contact: ext 71-12
Email:[email protected]

Chief Specialist of the Construction Department – Dyussembayev Yessenay Elyubayevich
Contact: ext 79-17
Email: [email protected]

Chief Specialist of the Construction Department – Sadykov Yerkhozha Yersainovich
Contact: ext 73-32
Email:[email protected]